What to Look for in a Grease Trap Service

If you run a restaurant here in Austell, GA, you know how important a quality grease trap service can be. Grease traps serve to filter out the oils, fats and grease that invariable slip into the trap. When they cool, they become solid, and can clog your pipes very quickly if you’re not careful. The tanks in a grease trap separate light grease (which floats to the surface) and solids (which drop to the bottom of the tank) from the wastewater which can be safely carried into the civic sewer system. They’re vital to the proper functioning of a restaurant, but they also need to be cleaned once a month or thereabouts (depending on the size of your operation). You want a good cleaning service to provide the best care and attention to your grease trap. But how can you determine which services are the best? Here’s a few hints to help you out.


For starters, you want a service with a good reputation and sterling affiliations. Glowing reviews and endorsements form local Chambers of Commerce helps, but the big thing to look for is a high rating from the Better Business Bureau: the gold star of quality in any field.


Many grease trap services simply skim the lighter materials off of the top of the tank, without covering the solids at the bottom. That can bite you further down the road as the solids start to fill the tank. A good service will do a thorough job with their cleaning. In addition, they’ll be sable to work according to your schedule, so that they don’t interrupt your business during peak hours or when there’s a lot of activity going on.

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