What Is a Real Plumbing Emergency?

Any reputable plumbing services understands that not all problems can wait until regular business hours, and that an emergency call is sometimes necessary. Marietta, GA residents should have a 24-hour plumbing service on call at all times — written and posted on the refrigerator or somewhere else where every family member can easily find it. But how can you determine if your problem is a plumbing emergency, or if it’s something that can wait until regular business hours. Once you’ve spotted the problem, shut off the water to your home. Then consider the following factors to decide if an emergency plumbing call is needed.

How Serious Is the Problem?

If the problem in questions only affects one or two outlets in your home, it might be something that can wait until a regularly schedule service session. For example, if a toilet is out of commission, but you have more than one in your home, then the family can use other toilets until the morning. A problem affecting the whole of your home, however, or one that knocks out key portions of your plumbing such as your kitchen sink, might not be able to wait. Similarly, if you instead to spend a fair amount of time away from the home, or you don’t think you’ll need the affected applaince for a bit, then waiting might be your best option.

How Long Will You Need to Wait?

A problem that occurs at, say, four o’clock in the morning on a weekday can probably sit tight for a few hours until the plumbing service opens for business. On the other hand, one that takes place on a weekend or with days or more to wait until regular business hours, then you may need to consider an emergency call.

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