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Comprehensive Grease Trap Services in Atlanta

Installing a grease trap is one of the most important things you can do for your commercial kitchen. A grease interceptor is necessary if you want to minimize drain clogs and avoid hefty fines from the city for waste mismanagement. It’s important that your grease trap is carefully sized and selected and that you schedule regular grease trap pumping and maintenance services. The experts at Quick Action Plumbers know exactly how to care for your grease trap and we’re happy to offer our services for any business (or residential property) in the area.
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How Grease Traps Work

A grease trap is essentially a large container that is designed to stop grease from flowing into your drains. This is important because oil, fats, and grease can do a lot of damage in drains, gathering in pipes until drain clogs form. Sewage is more likely to back up into your plumbing system if you allow too much grease to get through the drains. It can also cause a lot of damage to the municipal sewer line, and you could face fines if you are found to be at fault for a sewage leak due to mismanagement of your commercial grease output.

You put foods into your commercial garbage disposal to break them into smaller pieces, but this does not mean that your sewer system can handle the food scraps as they go through. A grease trap allows solids to settle at the bottom layer of the tank while grease and oil settle at the top. The position of the drain ensures that wastewater exits the tank, but very little fat, grease, or oil goes with it. Air vents help to regulate the flow entering and exiting the tank. The grease is cleaned out during a routine maintenance visit from a professional.

Don’t Forget To Schedule Grease Trap Cleaning!

Grease trap cleaning is important if you operate a commercial kitchen. Your plumber can tell you how often you should schedule grease trap pumping according to the size of your system. For many large systems, grease trap pumping should take place at least once a month, though you may be able to do it less often if you have a smaller operation. In any case, you should select professionals for the job who have the proper equipment to clean out your grease trap. Get more information about local regulations for grease traps in Atlanta and schedule grease trap cleaning by calling our team today!

It’s important that you select commercial specialists for grease trap cleaning and installation in Atlanta or the surrounding areas. A commercial plumber can help you with everything from grease trap sizing to pumping services, to finding a replacement system. Pick up the phone today for complete grease trap services from the experts at Quick Action Plumbers.

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