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Repair & Replacement Services for Frozen & Burst Pipes

Frozen Pipe Repair in Atlanta

Any part of the country that experiences temperatures below freezing in the winter faces a special type of plumbing emergency: frozen water pipes. This is particularly common in older homes that lack insulation for the pipes or have unheated rooms where pipes are exposed to low temperatures. A frozen pipe is more than a nuisance; it can threaten a home with a burst pipe that can permit hundreds of gallons of water to escape.

Should you encounter trouble with frozen pipes in your home during the winter, don’t panic. You only need to call on Quick Action Plumbers to get a solution in motion. Our plumbers are experienced in dealing with frozen pipes in Atlanta, as well as the damage they can inflict. Let us take care unthawing the freeze on your plumbing to restore your house to normal.

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Why Frozen Pipes Are a Major Problem for Your Home

The most immediate problem a frozen pipe presents to a household is that it stops the flow of water to taps. However, this is actually a minor issue compared to the other trouble a frozen pipe can create for a home.

The principal worry about pipes that freeze is that they might burst. This isn’t because water has a greater volume when in solid form than in liquid form and swelling in place causes the rigid pipe to crack apart. This is a common but understandable misconception. The reason a frozen pipe can burst is that it increases the pressure of the unfrozen water located between a closed tap and the ice blockage. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t try to thaw a frozen pipe on your own: the release of more liquid water into the pipe will raise the pressure even higher.

A burst pipe is a serious problem. Even a small crack due to a frozen pipe can lead to a loss of 250 gallons of water in a day. That’s a huge money drain as well as a significant source of damage to your home.

Call Professionals to Handle Frozen Pipes

You can take a number of steps to help prevent frozen pipes in Atlanta and the nearby communities. Make sure that the pipes have received proper insulation and allow water to trickle out of any uninsulated pipes to remove pressure inside them. If any of your pipes do freeze, you shouldn’t attempt to make repairs yourself. Instead, call a professional plumber. Plumbers will use special pipe thawing equipment that can reach down even into hidden pipes and safely remove the ice without creating pressure spikes. After a plumber has helped you unthaw the pipes, he or she can assist with insulation precautions that will make it unlikely for the freeze to reoccur.

If you end up with a burst pipe, don’t hesitate for a moment; shut off the water flow to your home and call for emergency plumbing.

We Offer Repair Service for Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops during the winter, frozen pipes are always a possibility. But as long as you call on Quick Action Plumbers to take care of the problem and refrain from taking steps to thaw out the pipe on your own, you should have the issue resolved quickly. We have Atlanta plumbers ready around the clock to assist you.

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