Learning About Hydro Jetting

Times were, a plumber just needed a set of wrenches and a little elbow grease to do the job. But times have changed, and plumbing has changed with it. Oh, the wrenches and the elbow grease are still needed, but to that, modern plumbers here in Atlanta, GA can bring a whole new set of tools to the job, which make plumbing problems easier and less expensive to deal with. Among the tools we use most often, hydro jetting ranks close to the top in terms of effectiveness. So what is it, and how can it help solve your plumbing clogs?

How It Works

Hydro jetting is actually a fairly simple process: a high-pressure hose fitted around your drain that sends pulses of water down the pipes to scour away the drain. It’s actually quite powerful, which is why it requires professional training to use safely. But the effects are remarkable. Other means of unclogging drains (such as chemical cleansers or drain snakes) rarely remove the clog entirely. Bits of it are often left clinging to the sides of the pipes, which can cause the clog to re-from again quickly. Furthermore, such methods usually only deal with the immediate clog, leaving other potential clogs elsewhere in the pipes untouched.

With hydro jetting, however, the clog is taken care of the right way. The water scours the entire clog, instead of just punching a hole in it, ensuring that it won’t re-form. Moreover, it will scour the entire length of pipe clean of any other clogs that may be forming: providing you with maximum value for your money. And it does so in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible: using water that washes through those same pipes every day.

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