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Preventing Contamination in Your Plumbing Systems

Backflow Prevention Services in Atlanta

There are two sides to the plumbing in any building. On one half is the freshwater system that brings in potable water from the municipal supply. The other half is the wastewater system that carries away liquid and solid waste into the sewer. These two sides cannot mix since that will result in harmful contamination in the freshwater. Unfortunately, there’s a danger that this can occur there’s a drop in pressure on the freshwater side or an increase in pressure on the wastewater side.

Your home plumbing is equipped with a backflow prevention device to stop this from happening. But since backflow preventers aren’t infallible, you may at some point need to have a new one installed. You must also have the device checked on a regular basis by a licensed professional. Quick Action Plumbers offers quality backflow prevention services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Place your trust in us and we will help keep your household safe.

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What Does a Backflow Prevention Device Do?

A backflow prevention device is designed to stop a backflow of sewage from entering the freshwater half of the plumbing in a building because of an accidental reversal of water flow. If backflow is allowed to occur unchecked, it can result in numerous dangerous pollutants entering the potable water that goes to faucets and appliances.

In operation, a backflow preventer is actually quite simple: it consists of a valve that only allows water to travel in one direction. If there is a shift in pressure on either the sewer side or the freshwater side of the plumbing, the valve closes to prevent backflow from reaching the freshwater pipes.

Why Backflow Might Happen

One of the main causes of backflow is something called backpressure, which is what occurs when the pressure on the sewer side rises above that of the freshwater side and pushes sewage into the freshwater pipes. Another cause is back siphonage, which is the negative pressure that happens because of a drop in the pressure on the freshwater side that creates a vacuum. Back siphonage often happens because of a huge water loss from a burst pipe or the fire department place a huge drain on the water supply. Backflow is almost impossible to predict, which is why a properly working prevention device is so crucial.

5 Common Causes of Backflow in Residential Plumbing

Backflow in residential plumbing occurs when the normal flow of water is reversed, potentially causing contaminated water to enter the clean water supply. Several common causes can lead to backflow in residential plumbing systems:

Atlanta Backflow Prevention: Protect Your Drinking Water

Understanding Backflow Issues and Solutions in Atlanta

Backflow preventers can break, the same as any mechanical device. Exposure to the cold sometimes leads to cracked castings, and the O-rings can wear down and springs break. However, it’s unlikely that you will notice the failure of the backflow prevention device in your home until pollution enters the drinking water. Most municipalities require that backflow prevention devices receive at an annual test to see that they’re working correctly. Our plumbers are certified to perform this job using a test kit. If your device is shown to be defective, you can schedule repairs or a replacement with us. (Do not disassemble a backflow preventer yourself and make an attempt to fix it; you don’t want to take risks with your health.)

Quick Action Plumbers: Your Trusted Atlanta Backflow Experts

No matter what service you need to keep harmful backflow out of your home’s fresh water, you can count on Quick Action Plumbers to take care of the job. We are your one-stop plumbing repair shop, serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas. For your convenience, emergency services are available.

Emergency Backflow Prevention Services in Atlanta

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