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Reliable Gas Line Services

Gas Line Repair & Installation in Atlanta

Natural gas is available to many homes in Atlanta and it provides an energy-efficient and powerful way to operate a number of residential appliances. Gas-powered furnaces and boilers are among the most effective types of heating systems. Gas ovens and ranges make cooking easier, faster, and less expensive. Gas power can even extend to powering laundry machines, and gas log fireplaces offer a fantastic home luxury without the mess of a wood-burning fireplace.

Does your home use natural gas? If so, are you interested in expanding the ways you use it? The job is easier than you may think; you simply have to call Quick Action Plumbers today. Our plumbing and water heater services extend to working with the piping that carries natural gas throughout a house. Should you ever encounter a problem with a gas line and need emergency gas leak repair, contact us right away so we can have it fixed to keep your home safe.

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Why You Should Consider Gas Line Installation in Atlanta

Although some residential areas have switched over to electrical power exclusively, there are many reasons why natural gas continues to serve so many households. Natural gas is a less expensive fuel source than electricity, something you will notice when it comes to powering a heating system through the winter. Natural gas is also a clean-burning fuel that doesn’t create the level of emissions that other heating oils, such as propane and oil do. Additionally, natural gas is easily available, coming into your home the same way as electricity.

Considering all these advantages, adding gas piping is an excellent way to make the most of the natural gas entering your home. If you only use gas to power a furnace, it’s time to consider installing lines that will go to your kitchen so you can have a gas oven and stove. And if you aren’t using natural gas to operate your heating system, you might be throwing away money each winter to keep your family warm.

Prompt Response for Gas Leak Repairs

A natural gas leak is an emergency situation that should be dealt with immediately. Because natural gas is naturally odorless, the gas company adds a chemical called mercaptan to make it detectable in the event of a leak. If you ever smell a sulfuric rotten egg odor on your property, or if you notice a hissing noise near your gas line, call your gas company ASAP to alert them of the problem, then call us for gas leak repair in Atlanta. We'll make the necessary repairs safely, effectively, and quickly.

Trust the Professionals with Your Gas Line Repair & Installation Needs

We need to be clear on this: any work done on the gas lines for a house, whether expanding out the current lines to attach new appliances or a repair done to fix a leak, must be left to licensed professionals. Firstly, this is a dangerous job, and in the hands of an amateur it could end up creating an incredibly hazardous situation in a home. And secondly, in most jurisdictions, it is illegal for anyone without a license to work on an appliance or pipe that is hooked to a gas main. As long as you have knowledgeable Atlanta gas line repair specialists like ours available, there’s no reason to even think of letting inexperienced technicians handle your services.
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Your Local Natural Gas Plumbing Experts

Expert Gas Line Repair & Installation in Atlanta

At Quick Action Plumbers, we want you and your family to get the most out of your home life. That’s the reason we extend our plumbing services to encompass the other important set of pipes in your house, the gas lines. We’re licensed and have the experience necessary to see that any work we do with your gas lines is done correctly and keeps your family protected.

Trusted Natural Gas Line Repair Services

Natural gas line repair services are an essential service for any homeowner living in Atlanta. The experienced and reliable technicians at Quick Action Plumbers can expertly address all of your natural gas line repair needs, from minor repairs to full installations. You can rest assured knowing that every job is completed quickly and attentively so that your home remains safe for you and your family.

The technicians arrived on time, diagnosed the problem, and completed the job in an hour. Very reasonable price and super friendly. Couldn't ask for more!

Comprehensive Gas Line Solutions by Certified Atlanta Technicians

No matter how big or small the problem, our team of certified technicians is dedicated to providing quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all of your natural gas installation needs in Atlanta. We have Master Plumbers, Journeyman Plumbers, and Union Apprentice Plumbers with over 70 years of combined experience.


We're a team of highly skilled plumbers in Atlanta with over 100 years of combined experience.


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