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Atlanta Slab Leak Detection

Among the different problems that residential plumbing can face, the slab leak is one of the most difficult to detect and repair. Pipes that spring leaks inside the foundation of a home present several problems when it comes to fixing them. However, with the assistance of an Atlanta plumber with experience, training, and the right equipment, you won’t need to worry about successfully repairing any slab leak that pesters your house.

Quick Action Plumbers is your one-stop plumbing shop in Atlanta, including slab leak detection and repair. As soon as you notice some warning signs that you have a slab leak, you only need to call us to get started with solving the problem. Our plumbers are ready with fully-stocked vans to provide you with the quality plumbing services you require, and they are available 24 hours a day for emergency work.

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What Is a Slab Leak?

The term slab leak is plumbing industry jargon for leaks that occur in water pipes within the concrete foundation of a building. Technically, a slab leak is any leak in a pipe within a hard rock surface, but the issue is usually in the concrete foundation for residential plumbing.

Slab leaks are a major problem. Not only do they waste water, but they create spikes in pressure that can damage the basement floor. Hot water leaks will also drain energy since they will make the water heater perform unnecessary work. If you believe slab leaks are in your home, you must have them repaired immediately.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

This leads to an important question: How can I know I have a slab leak if it’s happening out of sight under concrete?

Thankfully, slab leaks create several warning signs you can watch for, including:

  • An unexpected cost increase in your water bills or unexplained water usage
  • Bizarre behavior from the water heater, such as turning on at unexpected times
  • Signs of cracking across the floor of the basement
  • An unusual increase in humidity in the basement
  • The development of molds and mildews in the lower parts of your home
  • The sound of running water in the basement when no tap is turned on

If you feel at all uncertain, contact a professional plumber to detect if you have slab leaks.

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It should be clear why you cannot perform a slab leak repair as a DIY project or call on an amateur for the work—even finding the exact location of a slab leak requires advanced technology, such as listening discs and pressure scanners. After locating the leak takes excavation work or lateral digging to insert bypass piping to fix it. Only professionals with special training and experience can provide this service for you and do it right.

Quick Action Plumbers has the Atlanta plumbers you need to handle the job. When you suspect that you have a slab leak in your home’s foundation, give us a call.


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