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Stop Drain Clogs With This Ingenious Device

Every sink drain has an important feature known as the “trap.” This is a small segment of pipe that turns 180 degrees and flows back upward before once again flowing down and back out to your main drain line. The reason for this segment of pipe is simple: to “trap” water in place in order to form a natural barrier or blockage that prevents harmful and smelly sewer gasses from going back up your drain and into your home.

However, this design isn’t perfect and the trap is also the location of the overwhelming majority of clogs in the average bathroom and kitchen drain. Getting rid of these clogs can be a tremendous pain in the rear, and nobody likes to deal with the unpleasant job of breaking out the tools to pull the block out of their own drain. However, with the Perfect P-Trap device from Quick Action Plumbers, those days are a thing of the past!

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What Is the Perfect P-Trap?

The Perfect P-Trap is a small device that replaces the trap under the sink in many different areas of your home. The trap screws are directly in place using standard fittings and is sealed by high-quality rubber gaskets that prevent leaks and keep water and waste where they belong. However, when debris accumulates in your trap over time, simply open the door at the bottom of the trap and you can easily remove your blockage by hand. This makes drain maintenance easier, faster, and more risk-free than ever before.

Some Benefits of the Perfect P-Trap

Never Lose Another Thing Down the Drain

Have you lost something extremely valuable down the drain? Has a wedding ring or other small but valuable possession found its way down the sink by accident? In the past, getting this object back out was a massive pain and could be risky if you didn’t know what you were doing—it could be gone forever. However, you’ll never lose anything ever again with a Perfect P-Trap. Because these objects typically get stuck in the trap, the Perfect P-Trap will hold on to them. Plus, because the Perfect P-Trap is built using eco-friendly and stable materials, it is completely heirloom safe and it won’t compromise or damage any valuables from different metals or other materials. The Perfect P-Trap even comes in a transparent color so you can see what’s lodged in the trap for yourself, allowing you to locate any lost items before you ever even open the door!

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