Trenchless Technology Solves Winter Sewer Line Problems

Winters tend to be mild here in Atlanta, GA, but poor weather and occasional freezes can pose a big problem if you need repairs on your sewer line or water line. They connect your household plumbing to the civic water and sewer lines, and since they’re usually buried underground, reaching them to repair a leak or break up a clog can be quite an undertaking.

Or at least it used to. With the advent of trenchless technology, making repairs to your sewer line becomes much easier, especially during the winter when Mother Nature can wreak havoc with any attempts to address the problem.

It starts with diagnosis. Using miniature video cameras on a line, the plumber can get an accurate look at the exact nature and location of the problem. After that, two small holes are dug on either side of the affected area, which can be used to run down inflatable seals, drills to break up stubborn clogs and even a replacement pipe in the most extreme circumstances. Once that’s done, the holes can be sealed up and your sewer line or water line can be restored to service, with little sign that any repairs took place at all.

The benefits of such a method are almost immeasurable. Such operations used to take many days and involve both significant manpower and expensive construction equipment. The results often left your yard a mess, requiring landscaping or gardening to repair. But with trenchless technology, the process takes just a fraction of the time and with a great deal less equipment in the bargain. You save money, the problem gets fixed and what used to be a significant plumbing challenge can now be handled in a single day in many cases.

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