Beware of Slab Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Of all the problems we encounter here in Marietta, GA, slab leaks rank among the most serious and problematic. Theoretically, there’s nothing differentiating a slab leak from any other leak. The difference lies in the location of the affected pipe: beneath the foundation of your home (or possible beneath a concrete porch or poolside) or sometimes embedded within the concrete itself.

Why Is That a Problem?

Any leak in your plumbing is a problem, not only because it affects the functionality of your plumbing, but because it can damage the surrounding materials. When dealing with the foundation of your house or porch, it can be positively disastrous. Of course, a simple leak can’t do that right away, but because slab leaks can go for months before detection, cracks can (and will) eventually form. Correcting a slab leak means getting to it as quickly as possible to prevent that damage from continuing. Doing that means learning to spot the signs of trouble as quickly as possible. They can include:

  • Higher bills than expected.
  • The sound of drips or running water in odd places.
  • Lower water pressure in affected outlets.
  • Puddles forming around the foundation of the home, especially those with now reason to be there.
  • Cold spots or hot spots forming on the concrete.

What’s the Solution?

The solution starts with the homeowner spotting the signs of a slab leak, shutting off the water and calling in a trained plumber. From there, the question becomes how to correct the issue most expediently. In many cases, the affected piping can be shut off and a replacement pipe can be run around the home’s foundation: eliminating the danger and making it easier to reach the pipe in the event of a future problem. If the foundation itself must be breached, it’s best to do so directly over the affected area, then have the removed section re-poured when repairs are made.

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