How Does Trenchless Technology Work?

Trenchless technology is a method used to repair or replace faulty sewer lines, which are usually buried under the yard in your Marietta, GA home. Getting to it used to be an exercise in frustration, requiring considerable man-hours and expensive digging equipment, to say nothing of leaving your yard a terrible mess. The advent of trenchless technology has changed all of that, allowing sewer line repairs or replacement to take place in a fraction of the time. Here’s how it works.

No Digging

As the name indicates, trenchless technology means that no digging — or at least minimal digging is involved. The technician starts by digging two small holes on either side of the problem spot, then running a video camera on a line down it and giving an unprecedented look at the damage. With accurate information in hand, the technician can then proceed with repairs or replacement, which can often be conducted the same way. The holes allow him or her to fit repair options such as expandable membrane in place without digging, or even run down an expanding drill head that breaks up the old pipe while pulling a new one behind it. All of it takes place remotely, from the surface, and when the operation is done, you only have two tiny holes to fill in.

What Are the Benefits?

Speed and efficiency are the main benefits to trenchless technology. Without having to dig, the operation can usually be concluded in a fraction of the time, saving you a considerable amount of money in the bargain. To that, you can add the lack of a need for heavy construction equipment, men to help with the job an a landscaping service to repair your yard from the mess that’s left behind. All of that and the pipe still gets fixed the way it’s supposed to.

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