What’s Causing That Smell in the Pipes?

Residents of Atlanta, GA usually know that trouble is brewing when they sense a foul odor coming up from one of their pipes. That’s typically an issue that a professional plumber should deal with, though in some cases a little troubleshooting can solve it very quickly. But the smell coming from the pipes can come from a number of sources, and the more you know, the more readily you can react in the correct proportions. It usually boils down to one of three possible causes:

Dried Water Trap

The water trap is that odd u-bend pipe under your sink or toilet. It needs to stay wet at all times in order to prevent sewer gases and similar odors from floating back up into your pipes. If the smell comes from a fixture that hasn’t been used in a while, such as a sink in the basement, this may be the cause. Try running the water and seeing if that solves the problem before calling a plumber.

Waste on the Pipe Walls

Sometimes, rinsed food or other forms of sewage will get stuck on the sides of the pipe and remain stuck there despite numerous rinsings. When the material starts to rot, the smell will definitely be there. We recommend a professional drain cleaning in those cases to make sure the waste is gone.

Larger Sewer Problems

The simple solutions work when the smell is only coming up from one drain, which suggests a localize problem. If it comes up from multiple drains at once, however, the trouble lies deeper in your sewer system and may require more extensive repairs. In these cases you should always call a professional plumber to take care of the issue the right way.

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