3 Benefits to Using Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is a method of addressing problems with your main sewer line, taking advantage of recent technological advancements to remove the hassle and worry from what used to be a major operation. When a breach occurs in your sewer line, the plumber can assess it using remote detection devices or miniature video cameras to make an accurate assessment of the problem without having to dig, then send down and set up repair devices with a minimal of fuss. There are considerable advantages to the process, which makes everything a lot easier for Atlanta, GA homeowners dealing with sewer line problems. Here are 3 benefits to using trenchless technology.

Accurate Repairs

Trenchless technology usually involves digging two small holes on either side of the problem area, then pulling the repair device through it. Whether that’s a bladder used to seal possible leaks, a snake head designed to break up a clog, or even a replacement pipe set into place to fix the broken pipe, it can all be done up top without having to excavate the entire pipe. And the repairs made are just as effective and long-lasting as they would be without all that tech at your disposal.


Because you don’t have to dig up your entire yard, the process takes much less time than it would without trenchless technology. It used to last for days or even weeks in the worst cases. But now, most sessions can be conducted in a single day, letting you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Less Expensive

The speed involved means you’re not paying as much for the operation. Furthermore, it doesn’t require extra workers, construction equipment or landscaping to rebuild your yard after the process concludes. All of which puts money back in your pocket and turns what used to be a major expense into a mild nuisance.

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