What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Clogged drains rank among the most common types of plumbing call you’ll see here in the Atlant area and you’d be surprised what a wide variety of clogs can be found in your average home. Some are caused very quickly by foodstuffs, soap or other products flushed down the drain, while others build up over time. The worst cases can involve things like tree roots infiltrating your pipes, creating a huge mess that can be considerably difficult to even reach much less treat.

That’s one of the reasons why we recommend getting a professional to unclog your drain, even if it appears to be a minor issue. Store-bought options tend to adopt half-measures intended to treat a wide assortment of possible clogs. They can often work in the short term, but still leave residue behind, creating a new clog a short time later. Professionals, on the other hand, bring specific tools to the job that can clear up clogs no matter how stubborn, and give good value for your money by ensuring that the blogs stay away.

Among our most popular options for treating clogged drains is a process known as hydro-jetting, which requires professional training and experiencing to perform, but which can handle any clog you may have.

How It Works

Hydro-jetting utilizes a high-pressure hose, fitted to the affected outlet and held in place while pulses of water are rhythmically fired down the pipes. In most cases, hydro-jetting is used in conjunction with video camera technology, where the plumber sends a tiny camera down the pipe to get a good look at the cause of the clog. That provides an informed look at the problem and allows the technician to proceed knowing exactly what is needed.

The Benefits

The hydro-jetting itself provides some huge benefits over other types of unclogging methods, including the following:

  • You wouldn’t just turn the faucet on to get rid of a clog. But hydro-jetting is far more than that. The high levels of pressure and constant pulses can break up even the harshest clog. Moreover, the entire length of pipe is purged in the process, meaning that it treats not only the big clog, but any other clogs that may be forming in the system. That means the clogs will stay gone for a long time after the operation is complete.
  • Hydro-jetting requires a professional to use, since high-pressure water can be dangerous in untrained hands. But beyond that, it’s an extremely safe means of dealing with the problem. The water doesn’t harm the pipes, which are accustomed to such pressure, and the discharge at the other end consists of no chemicals or harsh components. Not only does it fix the problem, but it helps keep the environment clean as well!
  • Once the operation begins, it tends to move very quickly, meaning that the plumber can be on his or her way before you know it. It also means that costs can stay down, since you’re not paying for a lot of man-hours to get the problem fixed.

Let Quick Action Plumbers use hydro-jetting to clear out clogs in your Sandy Springs, GA plumbing!