How Video Pipe Inspections Help Your Plumbing

Just a few years ago, plumbing was conducted the same way it was 100 years ago: with knowledge, hard work and a few basic tools like wrenches. But technology has move forward at an astonishing pace in the last few years, and plumbing technology has kept pace with it. Tools that would have been impossible as recently as ten years ago are now considered absolutely indispensable. Take video camera technology, for instance. With it, plumbers can accomplish their goals much more swiftly than they ever could. Here’s how.

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An Inside Look

Before the advent of video pipe inspection, plumbing could often be a matter of educated guesswork, since signs of a clog rarely informed you of its exact location. Replacing a pipe that had sprung a leak could be difficult too. The pipe may be damaged more extensively than it first appears, and fixing it without replacing the pipe can prove an arduous challenge.

Video camera technology changes all of that. We video cameras tiny enough to fit into the plumbing every day on our phones. Plumbing services simply tailor that tiny size into an unprecedented diagnosis tool. By running it on a line connected to a tablet (and usually with an equally tiny light to illuminate the situation), the plumber can use it to get a good look at the affected area, and determine the best course of action to treat it.

This is more important than it may sound. For starters, it allows the plumber to pinpoint the exact spot of the problem, and examine the extent of the damage, if any. That eliminates any guesswork and prevents the need for potential fishing expeditions, which in turn means that any repairs will be cheaper and move more quickly.

Furthermore, by taking an inside look at the problem, the plumber can determine the extent of the damage, and what specific steps need to be taken to fix it. For example, if the pipe has become pitted or damaged, the video camera inspection can determine the extent of the damage, and thus how much length of pipe needs to be replaced. Or if the problem lies with a clog, a video camera inspection can determine the exact material creating the clog and use the right tool to get rid of it the right way.

That’s one of the reasons why you should always call upon a professional plumber to treat a give problem. Video camera technology requires training to use and can cost quite a bit of money, which makes them less practical for laymen or amateurs. And the accuracy it imparts means treating the problem in a manner so that it doesn’t repeat. Contrast that with store-bought solutions, which rely more on trust than necessity and adopt half measures to solve a lot of problems instead of properly treating the right one. You’ll find that professional tools like this one make a big difference in long-term success rates.

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