Do You Need a Water Softener in Your Home?

We have an excellent civic water system in Marietta, GA, but water filtration systems are always a good idea. In the first case, they can form an extra line of defense against contaminants and backflow. But more importantly, products like water softening systems can deal with issues that civic systems aren’t set up to handle, like hard water deposits. This is even more true for rural homes that are off the civic grid and which must often depend on wells or similar private water sources to provide water for cooking and cleaning in their homes.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water isn’t always cleaned up by civic systems because it’s not actively harmful. It’s simply water with an excess of minerals in it, usually calcium and magnesium which the human body can absorb without harm. But “harmless” isn’t the same thing as “desirable” and hard water can still create a lot of problems for your home. They can include:

  • A weird metallic taste to your drinking water. The odd taste can also extend to foods you prepare with water from your kitchen sink. You can see the difference by preparing a pair of ice cube trays: one with filtered water from the store and one with hard water from your faucet. The cubes made from filtered water will look cleaner and clearer.
  • Crusty white build-up on faucets and shower heads. The build-up can be removed with cleansers from the store, but it’s still a hassle and in the worst cases can restrict the flow of water from the affected outlet.
  • Showers and baths that are rougher on your skin, leading to a red, raw feeling after you’ve bathed.
  • Laundry loads that cause your clothes to fade and warp. Over time, that can force you to replace clothes sooner than you should.

Water Softeners Provide an Ideal Solution

Water softening systems can be placed in your plumbing at the apex to your main water line, which means they remove the mineral deposits from all the water that comes into your home. The effects can be felt immediately and will improve your quality of life in many small ways. Drinking water will taste fresher and cleaner, and foods cooked with water from your sink will similarly taste the way they’re supposed to. Your laundry loads won’t be as hard on your clothing, causing colors to stay brighter and your wardrobe to last longer. Showers and baths will be gentler on your skin, and best of all, that gross white crust all over your faucet heads and other outlets will vanish. Water softeners require periodic maintenance, but otherwise do their job without fuss. Installing one in your plumbing

Water softeners require periodic maintenance, but otherwise do their job without fuss. Installing one in your plumbing system can give you years of reliable service, and again: if you rely on wells or similar systems to provide your home with water, you should have one installed as a matter of course.

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