Get Your Water Tested Today

We’ve all watched with deep concern over recent events involving the drinking water in Flint, MI, and some of our customers have asked if something like that could happen in Sandy Springs, GA. Most civic water systems in the Atlanta area do an excellent job of keeping our water clean, but the unexpected can always arise. For those interested, we recommend water testing services to determine if there’s a risk to your home, followed by the installation of a reliable water filtration system. This is especially the case if you live in a home that relies on well water or somewhere else off the grid. Here’s how it all works.


Sometimes, you can spot sings of trouble with your water supply, as when it’s excessively cloudy or white crusty build-up starts to appear on your faucets and shower head. But other times, there’s no overt sign of trouble, such as a bacterial infection or the like, and you won’t know until a member of your family becomes ill for some reason.

Water testing takes the guesswork out of that. The technician takes samples from multiple points in your system and provide thorough testing to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. If there’s something that needs addressing, you know exactly what it is and your technician can make an informed decision with you as to the best way to treat it. If there isn’t, then you can sleep easier without having to wonder, or even determine if there may be a risk of something in the future (such as hard water) and take preventative steps now. All of that starts with simple testing from a trained professional.

Call upon Quick Action Plumbers not only for water testing services, but for the installation and repair of water treatment systems of all types!