Watch What You Throw Down the Drain This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that means a lot more work in your kitchen as you prepare festive meals for visiting family and friends. It also means a lot more plumbing calls as food particles sent down your drain form clogs or even interfere with your garbage disposal. Here in Atlanta, GA, you have a quality plumbing company you can turn to to fix those problems. But we believe that prevention tops repairs every time, and if you watch what you throw down the drain this holiday season, you can spare yourself the hassle of a service call.

Here Are Some Specific Foods to Dispose of in Other Ways:

  • Bones and Pits. Most people know better than to throw meat bones, cherry pits, peach pits and similar hard foods down the garbage disposal. They can’t be ground up and can damage your disposal if you try.
  • Fibrous Vegetables. This includes potato peelings, carrot peelings and celery stalks, which are a staple of many holiday meals. They can wrap around the blades of your garbage disposal, as well as making for a tough ball in your pipes.
  • Fats, Oils and Grease. These are particularly tricky, because they’re usually in liquid form when you cook with them. But when you pour them down the drain they can quickly cool and solidify, making for a sticky clogs that’s very tough to get rid of.
  • Coffee Grounds. Coffee grounds can interfere with the gears in your garbage disposal and have a tendency to swell when they get wet.
  • Rice and Pasta. Similarly, rice and pasta noodles will swell when they get wet, and can easily get tangled up on your pipes to create a surprisingly strong clog.

Call the pros at Quick Action Plumbers to get rid of clogs this holiday season!