Consider an Automatic Shut-off Valve This Christmas

Christmas is here, and that likely means guests in your home and lots of activities as you go about celebrating the holiday. The last thing you need is a serious plumbing problem, and while Atlanta, GA has services that can attend to them quickly, that can be a small comfort when water is spreading across your kitchen floor. The easiest method to stop any damage to your home is by ensuring that you have an automatic shut-off valve in place and functioning. What is an automatic shut-off valve and how does it help you? Read on for the answers.

How They Work

Automatic shut off valves vary in terms of specific methods, but most of them function by measuring the pressure of water in your pipes, usually at the apex of your home plumbing system where water comes in from the civic system. It’s designed to measure the flow of water through the pipes. If that flow becomes higher than it should be – indicating that water is leaving your pipes at a faster rate due to a leak – then the valve seals shut, preventing more water from coming into your system.

Why That’s Beneficial

The automatic shut-off valve performs two vital functions. In the first place, by shutting off the water, it prevents your system from flooding your home and causing more damage. Many leaks occur inside walls or other spots where it may be weeks before you detect them. The valve spares you that damage and keeps repair bills lower than they might be otherwise. More importantly, by cutting off the flow of water, it indicates that there is a problem, which lets you call in a repair service promptly. In both cases, the valve saves you time, effort, and most of all money.

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