Trust in Trenchless Sewer Line Technology

The Austell, GA area is cooling off this fall, and now is a common time to address damage to your sewer line. Sewer line problems aren’t all that different than problems with other pipes, but because they are buried deep beneath the ground, getting to the problem was a major chore. Or at least it used to be. With the advent of trenchless sewer repair, the lengthy process of excavating and re-burying the pipe is eliminated, saving time and money in the bargain. Here’s a look at how it works.

The first stage to a trenchless operation is examining the problem area with a miniature video camera sent down the sewer pipe. That lets the technician pinpoint the source and location of the problem and plan a proper solution. Contrast that with older methods, which relied on educated guesswork until the pipes were actually excavated at great expense.

The second step is implementing that solution. Two small holes are dug on either side of the problem area, and repair technology is threaded through on a line. That includes things like inflatable seals to cover any leaks, and drills to handle clogs in the line. When it’s all done, the holes are reburied and the technician cleans up.

Contrast this with older methods, which involved tearing up your entire yard with expensive equipment involving more workers to operate. All of the expense and bother are removed, the operation is performed in a fraction of the time, and the repairs implemented are designed to last. That’s particularly important over the winter, when cold weather and increased use of your plumbing during the holidays can put any repair job to the test. And the speed of it makes a big difference during a time of year when the weather is unpredictable at best.

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