Avoid Frozen Pipes With Proper Preparation

Frozen pipes aren’t as much of a problem here in Sandy Springs, GA as they are further north. But winter cold spells are far from unheard of, an a homeowner who thinks that their plumbing is safe from a freeze could wake up to a rude surprise. In addition to halting the flow of water, a frozen pipe can create a bust as the metal material buckles beneath the expanding ice inside. A good plumbing service can repair a burst pipe, but it’s always better to halt such problems in the first place. Now is the time to do so, when temperatures are still comparatively warm and there’s little chance of the pipes freezing.


Most homes don’t need to use their sprinkler systems or other outdoor faucets in the winter, which means you can likely shut them off. Turn off the water supply to them and then open up the faucets to drain out the remaining water. That will prevent any unpleasant surprises until spring comes. If you have need of your outdoor faucet before winter is over, simply restore the water supply. Just repeat this process as soon as you’re done.


The insulation in your home can help protect your pipes from the cold. But it still pays to identify problem spots and see what can be done for them. For instance, indoor pipes placed in an outdoor wall are more vulnerable to cold spells, as are pipes in under-insulated parts of the home such as the basement. A trained technician can analyze your plumbing system and note these spots, then work with you to find a solution to the problem. On top of that, you may wish to leave faucets with pipe in trouble spots turned on just a trickle. t will help stop the water from freezing.

If your pipes become frozen or you’d like a hand in keeping them insulated, call the professionals at Quick Action Plumbers today!