3 Tools Used by Professionals to Clean Drains

Drain cleaning is a common operation here in Marietta, GA, and most homeowners just assume they can depend on a store-bought cleanser or snake to handle the job. In most cases, this is a huge mistake. Store-bought solutions rarely address the problem properly, content instead to do just enough to restore the flow of water, but leaving a large amount of the clog still behind. That means the clog will likely reform sooner than it should, forcing you to deal with it again after a few months or even a few weeks.

A professional service, on the other hand, brings not only training and experience to the problem, but high-end equipment that most homeowners would only need a tiny handful of times. Here’s a quick list of 3 of them to give you an idea of what a professional service can do.

1) Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure hoses that first pulses of water down the drain to clear out the clog. This has the benefit of cleaning the entire length of pipe and because it just uses water, it’s safe on your pipes and environmentally friendly to boot.

2) Mechanical Snakes

Mechanical snakes bring a lot more power to the equation than hand-cranked snakes. Many of them also use rotating heads, allowing the technician to select the head that matches the clog precisely, and can thus get rid of it more effectively.

3) Video Pipe Inspection

Determining the precise nature of the clog requires an inside look, and that’s where video pipe inspection comes into play. The technician runs a camera on a line down the pipe itself, allowing an unprecedented look at what’s causing the trouble. That means a solution can be implemented with far more accuracy than it might otherwise.

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