Tank Water Heaters vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Most homes in the Atlanta, GA area use traditional tank water heaters, which heat the water in a large cylindrical tank before passing it on to the various outlets in your home. It’s a safe and efficient method of providing hot water, but it’s not the only model out there. Tankless water heaters do away with the tank completely, using coils to eat the water instantly as it passes through the pipes on the way to your outlets. Both models offer advantages and disadvantages, which you should carefully consider if you’re in the market for a new hot water heater.


Tank hot water heaters usually cost much less to install, since they can be placed nearly anywhere that has the space and don’t involve much more than setting it up and connecting the proper pipes. On the other hand, the monthly costs of running a tank water heater is usually higher than a tankless model, and in fact that efficiency is one of the key reasons for installing a tankless system. It’s usually a question of short-term cost over long-term savings.


Tankless water heaters heat the water “on demand” as it runs through the pipes, which means they theoretically never run out of hot water. On the other hand, they can strain to meet multiple demands at once, and unless you plan on installing multiple tankless systems in your home, the workload you place on it should be carefully monitored. Generally speaking, a smaller household or vacation home tends to do better with a tankless system, while larger homes and families may want to stick with the tank model.

Regardless of what system you choose, you want a reliable company to install, repair and maintain it. Call Quick Action Plumbers today to for high quality water heater servicing.