Steps to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Of all the calls we get during the winter months, frozen pipes ranks among the most frequent. Atlanta, GA is a reasonably warm city, but we get our share of cold temperatures, and our plumbing systems aren’t always protected the way they could be. Water expands when it freezes, and if it happens in your plumbing system, that can result in a breach and a colossal mess. A trained plumber can deal with frozen pipes, and you should never attempt to unfreeze pipes yourself, but by taking steps to prevent frozen pipes, you can eliminate both the problem and the need to call in a repair service in the first place.

Drain and Trickle

Before winter starts, it’s a good idea to drain any water lines that may be vulnerable, especially those that won’t see a lot of use during the winter, months, like outside lines. Turn off the water main to your house, then turn on the faucets and outlets connected to them. That will drain the lines and keep them clear. (You should also coil any outside hoses and put them away after draining them.) To keep indoor lines clear of ice, turn on the faucets and outlets a tiny trickle before you go to bed each night. The small amount of water you use will be nothing compared to the repair bill that frozen ice creates.


Once clear way to prevent frozen pipes is to insulate your plumbing system as much as possible. Ideally, you should get the whole system insulated, but in particular look for exposed pipes in danger areas such as unheated portions of the home and those that share walls with the outdoor air. It‘s a fairly simple operation and it could make frozen pipes in your home a thing of the past.

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