How Does Uv Water Purification Work?

Many of our customers have expressed an interest in water purification systems, and we often recommend UV water purifiers for homeowners in Sandy Springs, GA and other nearby communities. They provide comprehensive protection against germs, bacteria and other biological contaminants, and are especially helpful for homes with newborn babies, elderly residents or anyone with a compromised immune system. But how do they work and why are they such an effective form of treatment? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Ultraviolet Light

UV stands for ultraviolet, a wavelength of light that is invisible to the human eye, but which can be felt whenever we go out into the sun. With a certain level of exposure, it causes our skin to tan, while excessive amounts causes our skin to burn. At lower levels, it can cause white clothing to glow in the dark at rock concerts and amusement park rides (it interacts with the chemicals in our laundry detergent). It’s harmless to multi-celled organisms like humans and pets. But for germs and bacteria, it’s utterly destructive: either killing them outright or rendering them unable to replicate.

How It Works

The best place to put such a light is that the apex to your home’s water line, where water comes in from the civic system and is distributed through your home. The UV light shines across the width of the pipe, forming an impenetrable barrier. When water passes through it, any germs or bacteria can’t help but be exposed to it, making your household drinking water safer, cleaner and tastier as a result. The best part is that, while the UV light bulb needs to be replaced periodically it requires very little maintenance and can provide reliable service for many years.

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