All Homes Benefit From an Automatic Shut-off Valve

Winter is on its way, and while here in Austell, GA we don’t worry too much about frozen pipes and the like, every home is vulnerable to leaks and similar issues. The problem with a leak in your home is less the breach itself, which can be quickly corrected by a trained plumber. The problem is what happens in the time it takes for you to notice that there’s a problem. Leaks that take place behind the crawlspace of your walls can go weeks or months without being detected, while leaks that take place in the middle of the night or while you’re away on vacation can be just as devastating. This is especially important with the holidays coming up, and people being away from home more and more often to visit family and friends.

Every plumbing system has a master shut-off valve that turns the water to the whole household off in the event of a problem. Every resident in your home should know where that valve is and how to use it. But that only treats problems you’re aware of. That’s why an automatic shut-off valve makes a great purchase for your home. It’s a simple valve placed at the apex of your water line, connected to sensors that monitor the water pressure in your household pipes.

When the pressure drops, the valve snaps closed, preventing any further leakage from occurring. In addition to protecting your home, it alerts you to the problem, and while there may be a mild inconvenience when your sink won’t turn on, it allows you to promptly address the leak which could become much worse without such a warning system in place. A qualified plumber can install one quickly and easily in your home.

If your household could benefit from an automatic shut-off valve, call Quick Action Plumbers today!