Stop Frozen Pipes Before They Start

We don’t worry about things like frozen pipes in Atlanta, GA, owing to our mild winters. But they can reach up and bite you just the same. We get a lot of calls to deal with frozen pipes during the winter months, especially late at night when the temperature drops and your household might be asleep (and unable to react for hours). We provide quality repair services to treat frozen and burst pipes, but we also believe that preventing them from freezing beats treated them after they’ve frozen every time.

Why Is It a Problem?

The obvious problem with frozen pipes is that it prevents the flow of water to the outlet. That’s a temporary condition, however, which simply requires the temperature to become warm enough for the water flow to start again. Far more distressing is the pressure the ice places on the pipes, pressing against them from the inside and increasing the stress and strain on them. In the worst case scenarios, the pipes will burst, sending ice and water into the crawlspaces of your home and causing untold damage in the process.

For obvious reasons, it’s preferable to stop that process before it starts. You can help your cause out by leaving the faucets on a trickle and keeping the heat in your household at 55 degrees or warmer. A professional plumbing service can provide help as well: identifying problem points in your house and looking for solutions such as pipe insulation to protect pipes that may be at risk. In the event the pipes become frozen, you should contact a plumber immediately. We can use professional means to thaw the pipes gently and properly, so the pipes themselves aren’t damaged. Once that’s complete, we can make suggestions on preventing the issue from repeating itself.

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