How to Check Your Garbage Disposal Safely

Your garbage disposal is a staple of your home and can be found in almost every household in the Atlanta, GA area. The system is designed to work without complaint day in and day out, and when trouble arises, it tends to catch people by surprise. Some problems are obvious, such as a system that won’t turn on. Others are minor and can be fixed with a quick bit of troubleshooting. Even if it’s a serious problem, however, you can check and ensure that there is actually an issue with the system. Here’s a quick guideline to fill you in.

Types of Problems

Garbage disposals can encounter all manner of problems, and diagnosing them properly is best left to professional plumbers. But several common symptoms can be detected quite readily. They include any strange noises you don’t normally associate with the functions of your system; grinding or signs that the gears are struggling; leaks, evinced by puddles of water forming under your sink; water that refuses to go down when you run your garbage disposal; and humming or buzzing sounds without the system working at all.

How to Check

Besides watching for the signs indicated above, you can take a couple of steps to troubleshoot your system before summoning a repair service. For starters, check to see if anything may have fallen into the disposal itself. Utensils like forks and spoons are common, but anything from wedding rings to children’s action figures may be the culprit. If that’s the case and it can be easily removed, then do so. If it can’t, hold off until a repair technician arrives. Otherwise you mat damage the disposal. Once you do that, look for the red reset button under the disposal. Pushing it can usually correct many small problems. If that doesn’t work, you need to call in a repair service.

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