3 Common Problems With Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters make a great option for vacation homes, smaller homes or homes with a specific problem used a traditional tank model. They often cost less to operate and they never run out of hot water, which is enough to convince many Atlanta, GA-area homeowners to switch over to a tankless system. That said, tankless systems can still counter their share of problems from time to time, especially if you are returning to a vacation home or similarly haven’t used the system in a while. Here are three common problems with tankless water heaters to look for.

Mineral Build-up

Mineral build-up can take place if your water supply is prone to hard water. As the water heats up, it deposits some of the mineral in it along the heating coil, which can build up over time. That interferes with the heating process and may cause a great breakdown if the problem isn’t properly treated. (A water softener installed in your plumbing can help eliminate this problem.)

Excess Demand

Tankless water heaters can only handle so much in a given load before the system shuts down to prevent significant damage. Always make sure your tankless system isn’t carrying to much of a load, and run your faucets and showers one at a time until the problem corrects itself.

Blacked Vents

Because tankless water heaters heat up the water so quickly, they produce a lot of heat and exhaust which needs to be properly vented in order for the system to work. If the vent becomes clogged or a blockage occurs somewhere else in the system, it will shut down rather than risk overheating any of the interior components. If your system ever shuts down for no apparent reason, check the vents and then call in a repair service.

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