How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

In some ways, plumbing hasn’t change much from the old days, when a plumber just had a plunger a wrench and proper training to do the job. Times have changed, and the tools we use to help our customers has changed along with it. Among the advancements made in recent years is hydro jetting, a means of removing clogs from your pipes that is safe, environmentally friendly and very efficient. It requires a licensed plumber to use – a high pressure hose is involved, which should only be used by those with the experience to do so properly – but the effects can be transformative. Best of all, there’s a service right here in Marietta, GA who can bring it to bear on your summer clogs. How does hydro jetting work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Jet Power

At the heart of hydro jetting is simply a high powered hose, which is fitted over the drain with the clog and sealed in place. The hose first concentrated bursts of high pressure water down the pipe to blast away any clogs that might be waiting there. The bursts are times for maximum impact and spaced out so they don’t simply backlog the pipe. But they hit with the power of a thunderbolt, and those steady, powerful pulses will eventually break up and destroy any clogs which may be waiting in your pipes.

The Benefits

Hydro jetting works in part because it’s effective, clearing away every bit of your clog and washing it all the way down the pipe. But it doesn’t stop there. Any build-up in your pipe is washed away by the hydro jetting, stopping not only the current clog, but any that may be forming elsewhere in the pipe. Perhaps most importantly, it does so without damaging the pipes themselves, and since it’s only water, it’s environmentally safe to boot.

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