Easy Ways to Notice a Plumbing Leak

Homes come in all varieties here in Atlanta, GA, and plumbing systems are equally varied. That’s part and parcel of living in a city with as long and rich a history as ours does. But some things never change, and ever plumbing system still runs into leaks every now and again. The good news is that a reliable plumbing service can usually fix leaks very quickly,. The bad new is that — because so much of your plumbing is hidden in your walls or similarly out of sight — it can be hard to spot a leak sometimes. That means more damage to surrounding components of your home, and a simple repair job costing so much more than it needs to.

The solution is to catch the leak as early as possible, and while you can’t always notice a drip, drip, drip inside your walls, you can learn to spot the telltale signs that something is wrong. Here’s a quick breakdown of the easiest ways to spot a plumbing leak.

Check the Meter

Your meter makes for a very easy way to look for a leak. Check it and note the levels, then simply stop using any water outlets in your home for 30 minutes or so. (You may want to make a run to the store or otherwise leave the house for a bit.) Then check the meter again. If the levels have gone up, then you have a leak somewhere, and should call a plumber immediately.

Look for Reduced Water Flow

Leaks tend to have an effect on the pressure in your pipes, and you may be able to spot a leak simply by noticing that water flow is less than it could be. If you can isolate the reduced water flow to a single fixture, you can go a long way towards pinpointing the point of the leak as well (or at least limit it to a single section).

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