Ways to Avoid Plumbing Nightmares at Home

What Are Some Ways to Avoid Plumbing Problems at Home?

If you have a new house or an old one, ensuring the plumbing is in good condition is essential for getting things going smoothly. After all, as toilets/sinks get blocked up or pipes burst, your life will be put on hold.

Like taking care of a home appliance or your lawn, doing a bit of maintenance is a lot better than performing none at all — which neglecting your plumbing could result in an emergency issue or an extensive repair down the line. Furthermore, it is much less expensive. That said, here are a few things you should do to avoid being caught amid a plumbing crisis.

Regularly Check for Leaks

It is critical to inspect for leakage constantly. Check all of your faucet handles, beneath sinks, and around your toilet for some moisture that’s not supposed to be there. Examine your appliances like your dishwasher to ensure that they are not leaking.

Examine the toilet flappers for leakage and ensure that all valves are in good working order. It’s simple to repair outdoor pipes or leaking hoses but failing to detect a leak will end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Prevent home damage and unnecessary water waste by inspecting the exterior and interior of your house monthly for leaks.

Don’t Block Your Drains

You’re making a huge mistake if you flush something other than human waste and toilet paper down your drains. Putting something down on your toilet that isn’t meant to go there will trigger a clog. The same applies to your garbage disposal and sinks.

When throwing food items down the garbage disposal, use caution. Although you can assume that your garbage disposal can accommodate all food scraps, highly fibrous foods can trigger issues. Furthermore, stop throwing fats or cooking grease down the pipe. When the fat cools, it will create a big clog in your pipe.

Check Your Water Pressure

If the water pressure suddenly decreases when taking a shower or doing the dishes, it’s time to get to the root of the problem immediately. You may have a plumbing issue that demands urgent attention from a plumber; a main water line leakage will result in a pressure drop — a real plumbing emergency.

Clean the aerators if the low pressure is just in the showerhead or faucet. Sediment can accumulate and cause a minor blockage in the aerator. It would be best if you also tried measuring the water pressure with a pressure scale. If you can’t figure out what’s causing the crisis, you’ll need to get assistance to prevent it from worsening.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners to Clear Clogs

To clear out clogs, several homeowners in Atlanta, GA, use chemical cleaners into their drains — which we do not advise you do. Although these products may work well (and are a quick fix). they are, however, harsh and can destroy the internal walls of your piping. The interior walls can deteriorate over time until they are so porous that they can crack, allowing wastewater to enter your house.

Get the Professionals

Even if you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, there are certain plumbing problems you can’t do. Only a certified plumber can perform some plumbing jobs. Switch off the main water pipe and call for assistance if you have a big leak and can’t locate the source. Take your time to locate a reputable plumber.

Professional Plumbing Services in Atlanta, Georgia

The above tips will make your plumbing operate more smoothly. If you overlook your drains and valves, you might end up with a more significant issue. If you are worried about your plumbing or want a plumbing inspection, it’s time to call Quick Action Plumbers at (770) 585-3219.