The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Few plumbing problems in the home are as daunting as sewer line repair: fixing a breach or a clog in the main sewer line to your home. Sewer lines are usually buried under your yard, which protects them to a certain extent from damage. Unfortunately, when damage occurs, it can be a huge hassle to reach the pipe to get it fixed: requiring extra man hours and expensive equipment to unearth the pipe, then bury it again after it’s been fixed. It also means landscaping your yard again in many cases, since you have to uproot a big chunk of turf just to reach the pipe.

At least it used to be that way. Modern plumbing services offer trenchless sewer line repair, which can do the job without excavating anything. As you may expect, it can provide some serious benefits, and the warm temperatures of the summer make now an excellent time to engage in such a repair service.

How Does It Work?

Most of the time, the issue with sewer lines is no different than the issue with any other pipe: a leak sending waster into the nearby ground or a clog that stops up the flow of wastewater out of your home. The question becomes, how best to get to it.

Trenchless technology makes that process infinitely easier because it avoids having to excavate the entire pipe. The technician usually uses video camera technology – a tiny camera and light attached to a line that gets sent into the pipe itself – to get a good look at the damage. Then, a pair of small holes are dug on either side of the affected area. The appropriate repair measures can be pulled down into the pipe via those holes and fitted into place: for example, inflatable balloons fitted inside the pipe to seal any breaches, or tools designed to break up a clog. Once the issue is dealt with, the holes can be resealed and the operation is complete.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits to trenchless sewer line repair start with the simple fact that the issue is resolved correctly and with minimal fuss. That means it won’t simply crops up again a few months later and you can continue to use your plumbing system with full confidence.

But beyond that, the real benefits come with the ease and convenience by which the operation is conducted. You don’t need to pay for heavy equipment or people to run it, and the operation can usually be dealt with in a single day instead of multiple days, which lets you get back to business as usual quickly. Your yard won’t be torn up in the process either, saving you the cost and effort to have it landscaped again. All of that means that the process will cost much less than they normally might – a tiny fraction in most cases – without skimping on the quality and durability of the repairs.

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