The Benefits of a UV Light Water Purification System

Local civic water systems are quite good at keeping our drinking water potable and safe. But no system is perfect, and with the high rains and humidity of summer on the way, germs and bacteria can still seep in. That comes on top of the funny taste that can arrive with your drinking water sometimes: nothing actively harmful, but certainly affecting your quality of life. You can deal with it by simply buying bottled water from the store, but that can get expensive, and the costs are unnecessary to boot.

A better option is to install a UV water purification device, which eliminates germs from all of your water: leaving it safer and testier no matter what happens in the water system beyond your home. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it all works.

How UV Light Kill Germs

The key to UV water purification comes from the purifying quality of ultraviolet light, which exists in a spectrum beyond our ability to see. We can feel its presence in sunlight (it’s what causes our skin to tan and burn when we spend a lot of time outside), and UV lights utilize it in much smaller amounts to make our clothes glow in the dark at rock concerts and on amusement park rides. (The UV light responds to chemicals from our laundry detergent.) But germs and one-celled organisms like bacteria are much less fortunate.

  • The UV light will either kill them outright or render them incapable of replicating, preventing them from spreading.

UV Light for Water Purification

UV lights can be used in heating and air conditioning systems to keep your air clean. But they can perform the same function in your plumbing. They can be installed at the apex of your water main – where it connects to the rest of the plumbing in your house.

  • The light shines across the interior of the pipe, sterilizing it instantly and allowing it to pass into your home.
  • That provides comprehensive coverage for every drop of water, and once set up, they last for a long time. You’ll be able to taste the difference almost immediately.

The Benefits of UV Water Purification

They have few moving parts and as long as the bulbs are replaced periodically, they can provide many years of reliable service. That can easily outpace the cost of buying bottled water, and water purified by UV light is great for cooking, cleaning and doing laundry with as well. It’s particularly helpful for a household with residents suffering from increased sensitivity to illnesses or germs, and of course, it makes a great preventative measure for those times when Mother Nature overwhelms the safeguards of a civic water system.

How We Can Help

UV water purifiers should only be installed by a trained professional, but the operation doesn’t take long and can be performed comparatively inexpensively provided you have the right group on your wise. Here in Marietta, GA, the friendly team at Quick Action Plumbers provides UV water purifier installation, maintenance, and repair service. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do for you this spring!

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