How Does Uv Light Kill Germs in My Water?

If you remember high school science class, you know that ultraviolet light is a wavelength that lies beyond our ability to see. It’s present in sunlight, which is what causes our skin to tan and burn if we stay out long enough. In lower amounts, UV lights are used to make our white clothes glow in the dark at rock concerts or amusement park rides. But while those lower levels are harmless to humans, pets and other developed life forms, they will absolutely destroy viruses, germs and single-cell organisms. There’s nothing to say you can’t make use of that potential to purify your water here in Atlanta, GA. In fact, it’s remarkable easy.

Screening Your Water as It Enters Your Home

The main water line in your home brings water in from our civic system: the one point that all water in your home must pass. UV water treatment systems simply provide a sheet of UV light across the width of the pipe. As the water passes through it, any germs or bacteria in it are exposed. The ultraviolet water purifier instantly kills them, leaving your water free of germs and healthier as a result. Best of all UV purifiers have few moving parts, and provided you get the bulb changed regularly, the chances of repairs being required are very small.

The Right Plumbing Service Can Help

A good plumbing service can help you through all stages of your UV germicidal light’s life: determining the right system for your home, installing it the right way, and stopping back for periodic maintenance whenever the light bulb needs replacing. Ultraviolet water treatment systems are especially recommended for households getting ready to welcome a new baby, or with family members more vulnerable to colds and flus than normal.

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