Black History Month

February is known for two things: Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. Here at Quick Action Plumbers, we would like to share the love for black trailblazers that paved the way in plumbing.

Lewis Howard Latimer was an inventor mostly known for working with Alexander Graham Bell in patenting the telephone and improving carbon filaments in lightbulbs, but he was also behind improved lavatories for railroad cars. At the time, railroad toilets were not shielded from the openings – it was just a hole and open track below. Latimer provided a system that protected users against updrafts and debris. Latimer also invented the first prototype of the modern air conditioner in 1886.

Jerome “JB” Rhodes is credited with inventing the water closet in 1899. During that time, most people used outhouses, but Rhodes’s invention made it so people could use the bathroom in their own homes.

For those that didn’t have indoor plumbing, many have to thank Sarah Breedlove Walker for creating useful toiletries and beauty items. Walker created products for other African American women, including hair-softening cream and shampoo to help heal dry, itchy skin.

Dr. Roberton Ellerston Shurney, a NASA aerospace engineer, created the waste control system for the first space station, Skylab. Astronauts could finally use a bathroom in zero gravity. Prior to that, they went in pouches attached to their bodies.

Adrienne Bennett is a modern hero and in 1987 became the first black woman in the United States to receive her master plumber license. Now the CEO of her own company, Bennet has also worked with the city of Detroit overseeing many of the plumbing, drain, and other projects including government, education, and commercial (not to mention, Little Caesar’s arena).

Quick Action Plumbers are proud to carry on in the tradition of these and other heroes. Since 2009, we’ve been the experts in plumbing solutions. Whether it’s common plumbing problems, drain and sewer work, water treatment systems, or water heaters, Quick Action Plumbers has your back. Let’s make your plumbing problems history! When you need passionate, professional, and proficient plumbing services in Atlanta, call us today.