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Septic Services in Atlanta

With about 25% of all American households relying on septic tanks, there is a good chance you have one under your property. Do you know the last time it was maintained? It is not uncommon for someone who is renting or leasing a new home to not be told about their septic system, or how often it needs professional attention.
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Quality Septic Tank Service in Atlanta

To keep your home’s septic tank and system operational, rely on the septic services of Quick Action Plumbers in Atlanta. We have the extensive industry experience you want to see from a corporate plumbing company but the genuine friendliness you expect from local favorites. For septic system repairs, maintenance, and pumping, contact us today!

Call 770-948-0708 to arrange a septic service with Quick Action Plumbers, who can handle essentially any septic project!

Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning

On average, a septic tank will need to be pumped at least once every four years. A household with numerous family members may need a septic tank pumping and cleaning even more often, though. We have the tools and specialized trucks needed to conduct a pumping and cleaning of your septic system without any hassle to you.

Septic Tank Repair

A broken septic tank is a serious problem. Hazardous waste water may leak puddle in your yard. Damage to your septic tank can be caused by invasive roots, soil shifts, faulty pipework, regular wear and tear, and so forth. Let us conduct rapid, effective repairs to set things right — and to get rid of any foul odors on your property.

Septic Tank Installation

Is your home’s septic tank not large enough for your family? Has the same septic tank been under your property for decades? In both situations, the best solution is probably getting a brand-new septic tank or system installed. Our Atlanta septic tank plumbers would be happy to sit down with you, discuss your options, and help you choose the best pick for your home.

Septic Tank Field Lines

Some septic tanks will slowly dispose of their own waste through a leach field, where the waste gradually drains into the ground. We can help install and maintain field lines, which extend between the tank and the leach field. Rely on our professional team to keep everything in order and hygienic.


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